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Wednesday, May 28, 2014 1:32:18 PM
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Position #1Rian Steyn P.O. Box 2335 Walvis Bay, Namibia 9000 Email :

Position #2 Kathy Crimmins 2051 Geneva St. #81 Oceanside, CA 92054 Email: These are the people I sent my $5 to with a note asking them to add me to their mailing list (Position #1 has rushed PHASE 2 to me by e-mail). After you have checked with them, edit your version of the PHASE 1 file by replacing the information in Position #1 with my Name, address, and e-mail address located in Position #3 in this file. Next, replace the information at position #2 with the Name, Address, and e-mail address of the person located at Position #4 in this file. Take an envelope, include a $5.00 bill and a note that states: “Please add me to your Mailing List and RUSH PHASE 2 to me by e-mail”. Address the envelope to the person in Position #3, and post in the mail. (Important: Only the person in position #3 supplies PHASE 2, never any other person.)

Position #3Amirah Smith 350 69th St. apt#9 Miami Beach, FL 33141 Email:

In another envelope include a $5 bill and a note that states: “Please add me to your Mailing List”. Address the envelope to the person in Position #4 and post it in the mail. Position #4 Claudius Preville Prins Hendrikstraat 21C, 2518 HE The Hague, The Netherlands, EU Email : You are sending $5.00 each to names in Position #3 and Position #4 only (totaling $10.00). Do not send anything to the people I sent my money to in Position #1 and Position #2. NOTE: Make sure to copy the names and e-mail address EXACTLY as they are given to you or this will not work…I repeat, will not work!!! E-mail addresses are very specific and must be typed exactly as shown. Include your e-mail address in all your correspondence with us. Now, on to the Program!!! Please do not stop until you have read the entire letter! There are two (2) simple things you must do to make this plan work for the maximum return in 30-45 days. 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Note: When you first send this program out, you will be getting 40-50 people who send you $5.00 for Phase 2 (totaling $200-250; which is a nice profit in itself). To account for curiosity seekers and people who never recognize opportunity knocking at their door (not you, of course!), let’s say only 20 people actually pursue this program. They will put your name in the accountability list Position #1, and their respondents will be asking you if they paid you their $5.00. Their active participants will then move your name to position #4, where you will be receiving $5.00 from 20 x 20 x 20 = 8,000 people times $5.00 equals $40,000!!! On the Internet and using e-mail, this program moves extremely fast, (this is not snail mail, taking forever to see any money)! The originator of this program still makes money with it. It has worked very well for me for the short time I have used it. Cindy Allen ran this mailing list summation, and has become financially independent with the proceeds. When the program is continued as it should be, everyone Profits! You need only 20 people who actively promote this program (not 200 or more as in other programs). To get this amount, you should advertise until twice that number of people (40-50), have sent you the $5.00 and received PHASE 2 by e-mail. At that point, you can relax because you’ll be well on your way to receiving BIG MONEY!!! All you’ll have to do is answer e-mail saying “YES, I’ve been PAID”! (be sure to keep a record of those that have paid and been added to your mailing list for future reference). You should send this program to people who send you similar programs because you know yours is faster. Even if you’re in a program, try this one. It’s simple and it has a very small investment compared to the other MLM programs that cost you Hundreds of Dollars to get started. You will be amazed with the responses you’ll get from the “Web”. Thanks for reading this far… Now here are the simple details!!! Basically, it is a list of four people who have already decided to change their lives, make money and build their mailing lists. They participate by mailing $5 and their postal and e-mail addresses to persons #3 and #4 on the list. Follow these three easy steps… 1) Save this file as your PHASE 1 file where you can edit the changes (Names, addresses, and e-mail addresses)! 2) Mail out a total of $10, ($5 cash each), to Position #3 and Position #4 listed above. 3) Update the names on the list. Place your name, Address, and e-mail address in Position #3 (where mine is now) and wait for the PHASE 2 file to arrive in your e-mail box. The PHASE 2 file will be sent the same day the money arrives at my home address. In the PHASE 2 file you will be given the information of the person that will be placed in Position #4 of your version of the PHASE 1 file. This is the only way to ensure that all participants get paid. You will find out more in PHASE 2, which will be on the way to you the same day I receive your $5.00. Get started by preparing the two envelopes, notes, and two $5.00 bills. As soon as your envelope reaches me, I’ll rush PHASE 2 to you by e-mail the same day. Thank you for your participation. We will all make HUGE Profits through cooperation. Here’s how your name will move quickly through the program! First, your name is at position #3 on PHASE 1 that you send out to those who respond to your Ad (just cut and paste your saved PHASE 1 file to your e-mail to them, or send it as an attachment). Secondly, you will e-mail PHASE 2 to 40-50 people who have sent you $5.00 (totaling $200-$250)!!! On your PHASE 2 you will be instructing your respondents to place your name at Position #1 and you will begin to receive inquiries from others asking if you have been paid, (you won’t receive any money on this level, only inquiries). Thirdly, those people who have inquired as to payment, will be getting another 20 people to participate, and your name will be at Position #4. This is how you will receive 20 x 20 x 20 = 8,000 x $5.00 equaling $40,000!!! Lastly your name will be at Position #2 where you will again be receiving inquiries about people paying you, and you can tell them that, “YES, I’m $40,000 Richer”!!!, and they should immediately participate and make Money! Well, that is PHASE 1. Isn’t this business fantastic?? Think about it and I know you’ll want to participate. Your investment: 2 x $5.00, your reward: Up to $40,000. So much to gain…so little risk! Once again, if I can help in any way please e-mail me. NOTE: When editing PHASE 1 for your use, don’t forget to replace MY e-mail address with YOURS! You may also want to personalize the greeting and ending. Why not E-mail #1 & #2 and check if they got paid…go for it!! “Everyone has a fair turn to be as great as he pleases” — Jeremy Collier Cheers, Rian Steyn P.S. If some of the preceding text appeared to be repetitive, don’t worry about it, it’s supposed to be